Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final Reflection

From the time I walked into this class, until the time I left, I NEVER knew what to expect. I don't mean that I was confused about the expectations of the professor, or what assignments were assigned but I never knew what I was going to learn next. Half if not most of my learning through this course was through my own experiences. The classroom was a place to convine and share thoughts/questions, however all my learning was done on my own terms and it was individually catered to me. None of my classmates could say that we all learned the "SAME" thing through this class and to be honest THAT WAS THE POINT!!!!!!
Learning and Technology was not how to use a computer, it was how to enhance learning in individuals and how to use technology to create a form of networking that will expand our learning and thought processes even after we have finished our Master's program. We learned from eachother and from complete strangers around the world.

One of the highlights for me was Thomas Pink's A whole new mind. It literally BLEW MY MIND!! Usually texts in classrooms are dry and to be honest they can be quite meaningless to the course, but this book was hard for me to put down because every day I saw how my teaching was effected by my students and how my students were effected by my teaching. There is give and take relationship in the classroom and it is important to know that each student needs individualized support. I was offered to sell back my book at the end of this semester and I did. The only reason I did is because I downloaded it on iPad/iPhone so I could take it with me wherever I go!

I think the tools that we learned through the semester like Diigo, Blogger, and GoogleDocs are something I will use CONSTANTLY through my Action Research next semester. I almost would consider this course to be a prerequisite to the research methods course just for the capability to use these tools in a very effective way in the masters program. I also enjoyed creating a PLN and although I may not put the time and effort that I had before while in this class, I will definitely keep connected because it did make a difference to my understandings of becoming an educator. I was able to ask, answer, and ponder new questions and ideas that people were sharing and discussing. It made the world of teaching not feel like you are on your own raft and floating through an open sea, but it felt that I was never alone and that there are SO many great teachers out there that share my passion.

Overall I loved this course. There were times I felt very overwhelmed by my PLN but that was more of my scheduling and my preferred study habits. I like to do one assignment at a time and usually within 24 hour increments. Having to do 15-20 minutes each day on twitter and then random times to Blog was something I had to get used to. I loved how we became a little family and we all are willing and ready to help one another.

Thank you so much for a wonderful semester and although it seems that I am giving my FINAL thoughts.... believe me... Ms. Davis will have more thoughts coming!

Just THOUGHT you'd like to know!

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