Saturday, December 10, 2011

Final Assignment - Video Reflection

For our last official assignment in this class we were supposed to create a video presentation of our journey thorough our Learning and Technology class. Although the initial plan was to create Prezi and then use Jing to record us giving our Prezi we were given the creative right to do anything we wanted to complete the project. So although we did not use these tools in class I thought that the beauty of the course was to evaluate how we learn and why we learn. I decided to use iMovie and Macosaix (like mosaic) as I wanted to get to know how to learn these two tools in more depth. I choose iMovie also because I wanted to show a majority of the pictures I used as tiles in my Macosaix to create my apple. The apple represents learning and to make the photo I needed to use all the pictures, projects, people, and tools I saw, created, met, and used while in this class.

My full video reflection is below. I apologize for the choppy tone, and poor transitions. It took a lot longer than I thought to find the photos, make the apple, import the images, create a voice over and then edit the timing of the whole thing. In the end I'm proud of my work not only on this project, but in this class. I hope you enjoy!

You can also see this video on my YouTube Channel - Ms. Davis Thought

Just thought you'd like to know!


  1. Melissa,
    This was outstanding. I know how much time it takes to get the pictures together and try and match them with your dialogue. This is just the type of project I had envisioned. Thank you!

  2. First off... that was great!!! I really liked how your incorporated tools that we didn't get to experience in class and how you really went through your entire journey of EDUC 578 with the viewer!!! and your Macosaix was pretty cool! :) Thanks for sharing and I definitely like how you had your catchy phrase throughout the entire semester on your blog!!

  3. You're just too cool. I wish I could be as cool as you. Your video is thoughtful and insightful. I am totally able to resonate with it. I also feel it should be made into a promotional video or something. Wonderful wonderful job.

  4. Wow...just, wow! I am thoroughly impressed! I agree with Marissa that this seems like it could be a promo video. Maybe Professor Heil will use it as an example for the next EDUC 578 class. You clearly tool a lot from this experience and applied it directly to your presonal and professional life. I would definitely save this for your digital portfolio:)

  5. Amazing Job. I love seeing all the pictures, it is so cool. Plus you have a voice that sounds like you could do commercials, it's very soothing in your video. I love your Macosaix, so freaking neat, something that is totally up my alley! good job!

  6. I agree with everyone, it could be a great professional video! Not only was it impressive the way that you put the images and your words together into a nice presentation, but what you were saying was really reflective. You show that you really understand yourself and your learning and really see where your future is heading. I was really impressed, thank you!