Thursday, November 3, 2011

S.O.S. Networking Help!

I'm asking for help from the general education, special education and tech public that can help solve a logistical problem in a more effective way.

I have a student that is currently being tested for ADHD, however the parents are very insistent that he had ADHD and that is why he has not been able to finish any of his work, or this disorder doesn't allow him to pay attention for instructions on his homework. Although we have a LMS (moodle) website for the whole school the parents want each teacher (myself included) to individually email the parents EVERYDAY with the assignments AND detailed instructions of what the student is supposed to do. In addition I need to be "CCed" on all the e-mails from each of these teachers as I help the student during the Directed Studies (a specialize study hall) and I also need to know this information.

My question is...
Is there any website, interactive calendar, blog, etc that will allow each teacher and the parents to access the page AND each of the teachers can contribute without having to have a shared account. The last kicker is, does this website or whatever have the ability to send reminders to the parents? 

I would hate to receive 6 e-mails a day (minimum) and to also have to organize all that infomation from an e-mail into my own calander of due dates and such. In a way I'm asking if there is a way that I can create my own LMS page for just one students where student and parents can see, but all the teacher information is in the same place (instead of their own seperate pages).

ALSO NOTE! Since this is my own personal view, I can't promise that other teachers will be on board with this idea. I need something simple to use and does not need a whole lot of up keep.

I'll take ANY suggestions!

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Just thought you'd like to know....


  1. Hi There!
    Just wondering if you ever got an answer to your question posed here...?
    Had you all thought about creating a wiki? You could all, including the parents contribute, have access and see each others info.
    The wiki would email everyone each time a post was made, BUT you can tweak the settings NOT to do that. Then you access as needed, instead of receiving all those daily emails.
    Just a thought...hope you are able to find a good solution. :)

  2. HI Lisa,
    I actually posted how I resolved this issue. Our ZImbra e-mail system has something like GoogleDocs.
    So far it has been working with a hitch!

    Thanks for checking in!